Reflections on Turning 44: Live a Legacy

posted Aug 19, 2013, 10:53 AM by Tia Karelson   [ updated Mar 14, 2014, 2:53 PM ]
August 19, 2013

Like everyone else, I wonder how time moves so rapidly. Wasn’t I just 22? I like the symbolism of double 4s. It feels apt. In many ways, I feel like a 4-year old, or perhaps an 8-year old (4+4). The world is wide open, and I have much to learn.

This year is starting off with many new adventures. I began a consulting gig with a software company, and am teaching for the first time, Marketing Management to MBA students. I am also a graduation coach to a Minneapolis Public High School student.

The best thing about this age is that it still feels possible to try many new things, but there is the benefit of past experience. It is also a time where the past can come back to support you in unexpected ways. It is Market Karma.

Back in 1993, I started clerking in the Family Law Unit of Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS), a legal aid organization in St. Paul. I worked for an amazing woman, Sue Cochrane, who went on to become a Hennepin County Judicial Officer for 18 years before retiring to fight Stage 4 cancer. Through random circumstances, Sue and I reconnected, and she is now a Market Karma client. Her mission is to inject love and compassion into the court system, and also serve as an inspiration for others encountering difficult situations.

The other day I woke up in a terrible mood. I wasn’t feeling good about much of anything.  Sue came over that morning to work on a project. It is extraordinarily selfish on my part, but there is nothing like being inspired by a woman who is battling circumstances that most can’t fathom. Her energy and spirit are incredible. As we were working, I was supposed to type the words, “Leave a Legacy.” Instead, I typed, “Live a Legacy.” That typo turned into the biggest revelation of the day.  Sue and I looked at each other, and said, “That’s it!”

Living a legacy ties closely into a question I saw in a blog post, “Are you proud of the choices you made today?” I am proud of many of my choices over the past 44 years, but there is certainly room for improvement.  My goal for this year, and the years to come is to make choices of which I’m proud, and in the process, live a legacy.