Who We Serve

Market Karma serves forward-looking start-ups, non-profits, and smaller businesses, typically defined as businesses with 100 or fewer employees and less than $50 million in annual revenue. Market Karma also serves niches within large organizations.

Industry experience includes: 
  • Technology/Software
  • Legal
  • Financial Services
  • Small Business
  • Government
  • Non-Profit
  • Agribusiness
  • GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

Case Studies
Market Karma worked with Thought Rocket (www.thoughtrocket.com), a San Diego based start-up dedicated to promoting life, work and relationship harmony through daily challenges and online courses. Its founder, Will Marre, has a history of guiding people to live better lives, through his work as co-founder of the Covey Leadership Center and as author of books such as “Save the World and Still be Home for Dinner.” 

Market Karma outlined business strategy questions, provided target market options, identified channels, and researched association marketing and press release opportunities. Market Karma provided feedback on Thought Rocket’s new course concepts and content, as well as sales scripting. Market Karma also recruited beta testers.

Since working with Market Karma, Thought Rocket has soft launched its first course, “Turn Your Superpower into a Career,” and is experiencing healthy conversion rates, and increased membership.  

Client Feedback: “Wow. This is excellent. Thanks.”

Market Karma worked with a Twin Cities area non-profit that provides Meals on Wheels, a service offering quality, affordable, nutritionally balanced meals, daily safety checks, and connections to community services for the elderly and certified disabled population. The non-profit had lost some government funding, and had developed a strategic plan to support their program objectives, including raising additional funds, and increasing program awareness and participation.   

Market Karma visited the non-profit to understand its operations and see first-hand the program benefits. Market Karma assessed their strategic plan, offering recommendations to make it easier to implement. Recommendations included conducting a market analysis to better understand the population in their service area, winnowing the proposed marketing and sales strategy to a simpler plan, and prioritizing fund raising options.  

Market Karma also identified potential donors by researching successful, profitable businesses within the non-profit’s service area. 

Since working with Market Karma, the non-profit has made strides in filling its funding gap, and is more confident about its marketing strategy and fundraising abilities.

Client Feedback: “Thanks again for your expertise and help! It is very much appreciated!” 

Established Business:
Prior to starting Market Karma, Ms. Karelson was a Strategic Marketing Consultant to a 200-person, $30 Million software business that had been acquired by a multi-national corporation. The business needed to create and execute a strategy for the Small-Medium Enterprise market which was served by their foundational software product. 

Ms. Karelson defined and sized the addressable market, conducted a competitive assessment and market research, and determined channel needs, including taking steps to build an e-commerce channel and e-learning platform.  

Ms. Karelson led a cross-functional team in launching the most successful release of the foundational product to-date. Along the way, she changed beta and go-to-market practices, and established a customer advisory panel. Those changes were then adopted by other product teams in their release processes.  

Nearly a year later, a team member called to thank Ms. Karelson for her leadership and willingness to advocate for the team with senior executives. The product continues to perform well and the sales team has grown from a small domestic team to a team of several dozen in locations throughout the world. The Small-Medium Enterprise market is now a key part of the overall business strategy.